Sunday, August 10, 2008

he's not just the cutest child ever. there's a bit of a story here, too, trivial though it may be. ok, really, it's just an excuse to show him off...

for supper last night, we had turkey souvlaki and baba ganouj. so yummy! asher, as always, insisted (loudly and persistently) on trying some.
well, frankly, none of it was a hit. turns out, my boy is not such a fan of mediterranean cuisine (sorry, dr p). alas, i gave up some of my favourite food so that asher could spit it out and throw it on the floor. delightful. but at least i got to throw it out myself. oh, wait, that sucks, too. never mind. anyhoo...
asher, in all his impishness, discovered a great new use for baba ganouj. apparently, it's a great hair product. simply put your plate on top of your head (food side down, of course) and rub it all over your hair, and voila! the latest trend for toddlers. yeah. i'm thrilled.
well, at least asher's thrilled, even if i'm not. look how proud he is of himself.
"Mommy, you try!" um, let me think... no.

ok, i have no real story for this last pic. at least, not a food-related one. every now and then, i wink at asher. and he has recently started "winking" back. obviously, he can't quite do it properly, with one eye. but he sure tries. right now he just blinks enthusiastically when you wink at him. it's so funny... all the nurses in emerg loved it last week! and he knows it, too, of course, so he's all smiles while melting your heart.
so, there you have it. some pics of asher. new haircut, nice and curly and smelling very baba ganouj-y. and winking. he's just too cute, this one! :)

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