Thursday, May 29, 2008

just gettin' you caught up a bit... not much to report (so why is this post so long? why can't i shut up? i mean, really, nothing has happened this we

wow, i've really been slacking off lately with these blogs. sorry about that. i'll try to get you all caught up, and yet still be brief. don't worry, not much has happened, so it shouldn't be a very long post.

asher's been doing pretty well lately. he was pretty grey and cranky over the weekend, which had me a bit concerned, but, wanting to avoid dr buffo in emerge (lol), i decided to wait and see what happened. well, he (asher, that is, not dr buffo) cut a molar on sunday night. good thing we didn't go in to london for that! lol i can just imagine, they call cardio down b/c asher's grey and irritable, and doc comes down and says, "what's that bump in his mouth? looks like a molar." can you just imagine?! lol anyway, since then asher has been much happier and pinker. so that's good.

he has also started cruising on furniture. he's been pulling himself up to standing for a while now, but this past weekend we noticed that he'd be playing at one end of the coffee table, and then a minute later, he'd be at the other end, still playing. he's been doing it all over the place lately. he's getting closer to walking every day! pray for us.

we've been taking him outside quite a bit lately, too. on saturday, on our walk to a nearby park, blithe and bram were running around, and asher wanted to get in on the action, too. he was actually quite vocal (read: shrill) about this. so, i got him out of the stroller and put him on the ground. it was his first time on the grass (compromised immune system = no dirty grass). he didn't quite know what to make of it for the first couple minutes, but we showed him that it was ok, and he was off and running - er, scooting - in no time. he was having so much fun, but after a couple minutes he was really out of breath and starting to turn blue, so i had to put him back in the stroller. he was not impressed. in fact, when, despite his protests (read: screams) i didn't put him back on the ground, he refused to look at me. i'm a bad mommy, i know. lol and when i tried to tell him, "but asher, you can't breathe, you need to rest," he kicked me and pushed me away, still not looking at me. (don't worry, i didn't let him get away with that. i made him say sorry, which he can now sign. that's right, folks, he can also sign a bit.)

ok, so, asher has a molar and a temper. anything else? we've been getting respite every day now, and it's wonderful. i can get stuff done (i have a ton of errands to run this afternoon) and i don't need to worry about dragging him and his pump around. these breaks, a couple hours a day, have also helped me quite a bit, and i am slowly but surely recovering from my anxiety. of course, now i'm heading down emotionally, so the respite is going to help me then, too, so i don't want it to stop anytime soon.

speaking of errands... perhaps some of you know this, but i'm not sure if all of you do. the other week, while we were in toronto, it was Emergency Preparedness Week. basically, make sure you're ready in case of a black-out or natural disaster or whatever. one thing we had not thought of was asher's pump. but there was a bill posted at HSC, saying that if your child (or anyone in your home) is dependent upon technology (eg., feeding pumps, IVs, etc), to make arrangements with your energy provider so that you will be a priority and get your power back on first. so, that's what i'm taking care of this afternoon. i have the note from paeds doc, and hydro is one of my stops this afternoon.

ok, that's it. i'm done. sorry i hadn't posted in a while. i hadn't really noticed, either, until a friend emailed me and said, "you haven't posted in a while, and i'm getting worried. hope asher's ok." so, yes, keri, he's good, we're all doing well (my BP is now back down to my usual low, and not high anymore... maybe i'm getting some of asher's enalapril by osmosis or something. lol) so, yeah, that's it for today. why is this post so long? i don't know. i tried twittering to see if i could get used to writing less, but i just can't do it. i talk. and i write. ah, well, maybe one day i'll master précis writing. a girl (and her readers) can dream, right? :)

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