Sunday, May 4, 2008

an easy way to help (ugh, i hate this) and lots of contact details. not a fun or exciting post, but it might answer some questions

good evening. well, the countdown is on, this time on wednesday, we will be sitting in CCCU at SickKids (2nd floor, for those who would like to visit while we're there). but... technically, we leave tomorrow afternoon. we're taking blithe and bram to hamilton to stay with my parents, and then ed, asher and i are on our way to toronto. pre-op starts at 7:30 on tuesday, and it's a marathon day - in june, we didn't get to see the surgeon until about 5:00, and we talked with him for at least half an hour. so it's a long day.

but not as long as wednesday! ugh. i want to vomit now just thinking about it.

anyway... some of you might be wondering (and i'm saying this because someone has already asked), if there is a way of getting money to us for while we're in toronto. now, please don't take this as me asking for money. blech, i wouldn't want to do that. but i am aware that that is the easiest way to help, and a lot of people want to help at a time like this. so....

i'm posting a link on the sidebar to PayPal. you can simply send money that way, to my email address: that will be the easiest way, i think. if you don't have a PayPal account, or can't figure that out, email me "off-blog," and i will send you my account number.

ugh, i hate asking for money. not something i enjoy doing, but i know that some are wondering what they can do, and this is an easy way to help us. thanks so much (and please don't feel pressured). and if you think of other ways to help, please feel free. my mom and the older kids will be at home as of sunday evening, and ed will be home for the weekend, and possibly into the week. meals or breaks for my mom (thank-you for offerning, tiena, the kids are looking forward to it!) will be welcomed, i'm sure.

if you're thinking of visiting, please call (i'll put my cell number on the sidebar, too), and we can arrange to meet somewhere in the hospital (likely the atrium or critical care waiting room - 2nd floor. those would be my usual haunts, although i hear Starbucks makes a mean chai tea latte! lol) i can't have my phone on while i'm in critical care with asher, but if you leave a message, i can call back. otherwise, try calling at mealtimes, mid-afternoon, or later evening (say 8-ish).

alright, i think that about covers it. if i've missed anything, please call or email. keep praying for us. the next week especially is going to be brutal. thanks so much for all your support. h

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Thinking of you guys today as you go through pre-op. Will be thinking of you tomorrow (of course). Asher is a tough little man, I just know all will go well for you. Stay strong.