Friday, May 9, 2008

well, it can't all be easy... but i really wish it could :(

ok, it's friday, ed has just left, and i'm downstairs blogging so asher can rest. he's not having a very good morning. he's a little puffy still, and he's not peeing very well, so they're going to work on getting him a diurretic that will help him. you know, it's not like he's on one at home and they could just continue that. oh, wait a minute... he IS on a diurretic at home! but i suppose that would be too easy, just continuing with a med that has been working for him for over a month. besides, london prescribed, and what do they know? clearly, toronto knows so much better than nephrology in london. ARG!!!! this is why i hate dealing with 2 hospitals, both with ego issues! nephro gave specific instructions for asher to be kept on HCT because of the calcium issues, and what does toronto do? "oh, that's sweet, they want to help!" needless to say, asher has not been getting HCT, but has instead been getting some other med that, oh! surprise, surprise, isn't working!

let's see, what else? ah, yes. he's constipated. because you know, it's not like he has a gastroenterologist who has prescribed a laxative to be taken every day. but - hold on a minute - no, i'm pretty sure... yup! he is on a laxative at home, too! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS HOSPITAL????!!!!!!!!!!!! so, asher is extremely uncomfortable from the back-up and the cramps, and whenever he tries to push it hurts his chest so he stops pushing. and he's so cranky, crying and flailing and not knowing what he wants or how to get comfortable. honestly, he reaches for me, and then pushes me away, and then he points at something, but you give it to him and he flips out! this went on for almost an hour this morning. my poor little guy. he's just in so much pain, and he's so tired, and he's not used to this hospital anymore, and he just doesn't know what to do. :(

he's also in quite a lot of pain, and they have no stopped the mega-painkiller and now he's getting tylenol and codeine. the codeine seemed to help, as he's resting now. tylenol, yeah, it does nothing. hopefully he can rest a lot today again. he got so much sleep yesterday. but he's really uncomfortable, so it's hard for him. :(

on the plus side.... the surgery and intubation (breathing tubes/ventilator) doesn't seem to have bothered his swallowing. last night and this morning he's been really thirsty, so we've been putting water on some spongy toothette things, and he's been sucking - and swallowing! - the water right out! he's not gagging or coughing, or turning blue or anything! i'm thinking of getting him a sippy cup, maybe over the weekend or early next week, once his fluid situation is under control, and seeing if he can take some formula that way. i don't think he'd have too much trouble with it, really. he's swallowing water without trouble, and that's the thinnest liquid i could give him, so something thicker like formula shouldn't be too much trouble.

and the best part... ok, so, asher's in step-down right now. when we came up yesterday morning, we had the room to ourselves. but not for long, because shortly thereafter they brought up another little guy. and guess who it is? YALE!!!! so, hey there, tanna and yale! it's nice to finally meet you! well, yale's doing really well, they hope to go home in a couple days. he's really progressing with his feeds, which hadn't been going so well in the last couple months. but i think the plan is to try to take his tube out and try just feeding him orally, and see how that goes. GO YALE GO!!!!!

we also had a lovely dinner last night with our friends from heritage, scott and kathryn, and their 2 adorable children, Anna and Joseph. it was nice to get out of the hospital for once, and to spend time with people who aren't wearing scrubs. it was a nice break. so, thanks, scott and kathryn, for the lovely time and delicious dinner.

so that's about it for today. i don't think i'll be able to post over the weekend - i think the resource centre is closed on saturday and sunday. but i'll try to post early on monday, and get you caught up. so, have a great weekend (i know i will - mom's bringing blithe and bram up tomorrow).


Baby Seaton and family said...

Heather, you are sweet! I hear you on this hospital and how you just want to wear a neon sign that says I am the mum and I know how to help! Ask me! But instead you offer up the obvious solution and they look at you like you have two heads. Anyhoo... I'll miss rooming with you guys... even though i am off doing my own thing... its still comforting to know you are there going through all the similar stuff!

Pam Hedden said...

Hi Heather,

I sooo wish I could be there for you . . . I have these great big broad shoulders just going to waste . . . sigh . . . Keep your chin up . . .

Annie said...


Luv you girlie and miss you! Wish I could be with you right now.