Tuesday, May 6, 2008

here we are at SickKids

well, we're in the middle of pre-op right now. the surgeons and anaesthetists are all in surgery at the moment, so we have to wait to talk to any of them. so, we were allowed out, and they'll call us when we need to see someone. looks like it's going to be another long wait....

so far today, it's been long, but ok. we went for bloodwork at 7:30, and that took 2 pokes (his veins are terrible - small and scarred - so this is actually pretty good that it only took 2 tries). then off to x-ray. ed took him in. i do that often enough, it's ed's turn now. let's see? what else?

met with the nurse for his assessment (sats are around 70% today), and the NP for his history. she was lovely, we discussed everything, all of asher's conditions and past admissions. she also needed family cardiac history.

and some awesome news from the talk with her. she works a lot in research, and apparently, they're working on ways to eliminate the first stage surgery altogether. they made huge strides in the first 10 years or so, and this hospital has one of the highest success rates (only about 25% mortality in the first stage) but they want it lower. so they're working on devising new techniques, like maturing/strengthening the lungs medically over the first few months, and then doing the Glenn. they want to eliminate the Norwood. apparently the first 6 months are the most fragile; after the 2nd stage the risk is no different than any other cardiac surgery (about 2% or so). so.... if you're ever looking for a place to donate, charitable organizations and so on, i would highly recommend cardiovascular research at SickKids. please help more kids with HLHS survive... and thrive!

anyway, back to our day.... i talked with the nurse again a few minutes ago, and got the low-down on what to expect. basically, be ready for good and/or bad. it's really up to asher, how it all goes. she said there will likely be more bleeding and draining, due to the long list of cardiac surgeries he's had. the more often they go in, the more they bleed. what else? he will be heavily sedated until he's breathing on his own (that means continuous morphine), and then heavy-duty pain meds as long as he needs them after that. otherwise, it's the same old same old. pacing wires, central and art lines, blah blah blah. all that fun stuff. (is anyone else nauseous, or is it just me?)

well, that's where we're at right now. waiting. i'll update again when i have time, but it may not be till later in the day tomorrow. talk to you later! h


Annie said...

I so didn't expect an update already today but I was happy to see it. Praying for tomorrow Heather! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family and baby Asher!

Hope said...

We'll be praying for you all, Heather and so will our family. Big hugs to you and Ed, Blithe, and Bram, and Asher, of course. We love you very much. Your strength and courage is a blessing to those around you.

amanda said...

We're thinking of you here and will be praying for you all tommorrow.
Amanda and Oscar

Diane said...

I'll be praying for Asher and all of you guys. I've also asked some of my friends to keep him in their prayers as well...