Sunday, October 5, 2008

yup, he can talk... now if only he'd stop once in a while!

i'm not kidding, he even talks with the soother still in his mouth! now, i'll admit i'm a bit of a newbie to the world of soothers, given that the other kids prefered me over anything else and both flat-out refused soothers (ok, i didn't even offer one to blithe, but we all know what bram's like... total mama's boy, he only wanted me, and if he couldn't have me, nothing else would do). but really, i would have assumed that the whole point of the soother is to stop noise from coming from the child's mouth. or am i wrong here? have i been misinformed somewhere along the way?

anyhoo... asher talks. a lot. like, all day. non-stop. suddenly, i'm the quiet one in the house! stop laughing, it's true. you doubt? allow me to illustrate:

today, i was getting asher dressed for his appointment with dr b (asher's fine, just an ear infection - another first in the family! - and that's causing his heart to work harder than usual, which is causing all the cardiac-looking symptoms). i went to put on his socks. i put on the first one. no biggie. then he picked up the second one.

me: where does that go?
asher: sock... toes.

look at that, folks! an (almost) sentence! how do you like them apples, eh?! :)

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Anonymous said...

He's a smart one, he is!!