Saturday, October 25, 2008

EUREKA!!!! Oh, dr bertoldi, you’re gonna be impressed, i think! Lol (the rest of you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to. It’s about poop.)

Ok, for those of you who've been privy to my "i was so lost in immunology" rants over the last week and a half (honestly, i have never been more lost in an appointment as i was then! I mean, seriously! Does anyone understand immunology?! Because i'd like to talk to you if if you do! I have questions!), you may remember my confusion over the gastro issue that was discussed. The question of whether Asher is constipated because of nerve damage, as we (esp I) suspect, or if it's something congenital. Immuno's guess was anal atresia that's patent. I think i wrote about it last week. how can you have anal atresia that's patent, i asked. (for those who aren't versed in medi-speak, "atresia" means closed and "patent" means open. So now you understand my confusion!)

well, in my cyber-wanderings tonight, i decided to look up VACTERL (not VECTOR, as i had called it previously. Doc had an accent so i misunderstood). I went to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (wonderful website, very good information), because that's where i learned about DiGeorge, so i thought i'd at least start there. So i searched "VACTERL." A few things came up, so i went through them. The first link just talked about causes of CHD, and included some info about a few syndromes and genetic abnormalities that contribute to CHD. DiGeorge is one of them. But they also said that some "associations" are linked to CHD. Like VACTERL, which includes Vertebral, Anal, Cardiac, Tracheal, Esophageal, Renal and Limb abnormalities. You'll notice that Asher's limbs and spine are fine, but the rest... yeah. I'm not saying he's got this VACTERL thing, but maybe it's worth pursuing, even if just to rule it out...

ok, so here's the "eureka" part of this story...

here's the gist: there are several kinds of anal abnormalities. the first is anal narrowing, which basically means that it's technically intact, but it's narrow, so BM's are difficult, but possible. But every so often, they have to dilate it, to help things go a little easier. Yup, a balloon in the bum. Hello! L another abnormality is a membrane over the anus, so nothing can get out. Eep! and then, there's the whole anal atresia thing. Basically, the rectum and the anus are not connected. This can present one of two ways. First, they could be unattached, but there's a fistula, or abnormal channel going from the rectum to the outside, so poop can get out. Phew! Yucky, but lucky. Or, they're completely disconnected, and there's no fistula. Still yucky, but not so lucky. On the other hand, according to my medical dictionary, when it comes to fistulas, "surgical repair is not always possible." The above link explains the repairs in detail.

What does any of this have to do with Asher, you ask? Well, gentle (and by now, grossed out) reader, allow me to explain further. (and feel free to stop reading now. It's all about poop and bacteria and so forth, and my own opinion, albeit humble and uneducated, on Asher's gastro condition.) ok, here we go.

so, in the case of Anal Atresia, which, for the sake of this blog post, we'll assume asher has, there is sometimes a fistula present. Now, this fistula may not necessarily be a straight tube going straight out. Remember, this is an abnormality in an already wonky physiology, so why would it be so straightforward as that? And remember, too, that the gastro and urinary tracts are smooshed together pretty snugly in there. Not much for wiggle room. Sometimes these fistulae (that's the plural. Don't i look smart?! Lol) kind of connect with the urinary tract. Poop still gets out, and mostly through the bum, but not through the anus, and having taken a slight detour first.

Are you getting this? Alright, poop still gets out, but may sort of collide first with the urinary tract.

In which Asher has had numerous infections.

But not from any reflux in the urinary tract.

Nope. They've done tests, and that's not it. His pee goes the right way, just as it should. It doesn't go shooting back up toward the kidneys.

But what if, and think about this, what if bacteria are getting in there from another tract altogether?

"but, heather," you might ask, "wouldn't that mean he'd have poop bacteria in his urinary tract?"

My answer?

Yes. Quite possibly. It would.

One example of a poop bug: e. Coli.

Can you imagine having e. Coli in your urinary tract? It's possible for girls. Just wipe the wrong way, and voila! But for boys... not so easy.

Or common.

And yet...

Asher has had e. Coli in his urinary tract.

At least once.

I'm not saying, i'm just saying.

Ok, now, i know paeds reads this. So, just think about it. that's all i ask. oh, and then let me know what you think. K? Thanks! :)

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