Monday, October 20, 2008

Asher in his not so happy place

Some of you may recall that the other week, Asher had his first ear infection. Also at the time, he had his first tube infection of the season. Oh, yeah, delightful. You may also recall that he was prescribed a course of Keflex, an antibiotic used to treat ear and tube infections.

Ok, so, funny story: we're in immunology on Wednesday, talking with the fellow. I had already told her about the ear infection the week before. Well, later in our uber-confusing appointment, she was assessing him, including checking his ears. She said, "so, the infection was in the left ear." I said, "no, right." She said, "no, left." I said, "no, it was in the right." "well," said she, "his left ear is pink now." Ok, so the story's not so funny. Not at all, actually. Anyway...

I've been keeping an eye on Asher over the last few days, checking for signs that the infection was getting worse. I've also been keeping an eye on his tube site, because, despite a week of antibiotics, the infection had not, in fact, cleared up. And when we checked it out yesterday, it was, in fact, worse. I'm sure you can guess where i'm going with this.

Or rather, where i went this. And with Asher.

That's right, we went to emerg. But i decided to take him in to London today, instead of St Thomas. For one thing, they know Asher better in London, and since i have no ink for my printer at the moment, i don't have a sheet listing all of Asher's issues and quirks. And, i figure, this is exactly what happened with Asher's tube back in January, and they handled that in London. So, i figure, we'll go there today.

We were there all day. It turns out that both of Asher's ears are infected now, although the left is worse than the right. Also, the tube... yuck!!!! It is the yuckiest, ooziest, crustiest, reddest, smelliest, most disgusting tube site i have seen in a very long time. Disgusting. So they swabbed it and sent it off for a culture.

And that took hours.

So, literally, we had to sit around in emerg, waiting, for about, oh, 5 hours or so.

Ok, the waiting isn't so shocking. But i was not expecting the swab/culture route. I thought they'd look at it, smell it, write a prescription, and send us blithely on our way. But, of course, that would have been too easy. Especially considering i hadn't eaten breakfast before going, so i was starving. Ah, well, at least i got to read some 8-month-old fashion magazines while we were there. And Asher watched Thomas and Wiggles DVDs. Which meant that i got to watch them, too. That was a fate worse than death cruel and unusual thrilling, let me tell you.

Anyway, they got the culture back, and it's the same bug he had on his tube back in January. So, they prescribed the same antibiotic: Cipro through the tube, and Fucidin on the tube site. And then they sent us blithely (and hungrily) on our way.

Well, we got home, hooked up his feed once more, and all was working well. Then, it was med time. So we gave him his Cipro. Or rather, we gave him part of his Cipro. You see, the tube f***ing clogged half-way through the dose!!!! Are you kidding me?! I can hear you say. Oh, my friend, i wish i were, believe me. And it's not just clogged, it's PLUGGED!! Nothing is getting through there right now.

well, i did the usual de-clogging routine. Water in a small syringe. Nope. So, saline in a small syringe. Nope. 
Saline with a smaller syringe (increase the pressure). Nope. It's plugged. Fantastic.

So i just talked to the Interventional Radiology nurse-on-call, and, as it turns out, they can't get any staff in tonight. Which means that we have to wait. Until 8:00 tomorrow morning!!!! Which means, you'll note, that Asher will be without food until about 9:00 tomorrow morning. After getting about 1 hour of his feed since noon today. And Asher gets nothing by mouth.

now, i know there's doctors reading this, and i'm sorry if you're offended. I'm tired, i'm stressed, and i'm ticked off that we just spent all day in emerg and then we have to turn around and go right back... first thing in the morning. Arg. So please don't take my bitterness personally. But seriously!!!!

I think i need to stop this post now before i get really ticked off. I need some coffee. From my happy place. I'll be back. Toodles! J

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this.
sometimes at work ( hospital )
we use coke to declog a plugged tube.
maybe nextime it might work...
I hope.....
Don't get discouraged, you are doing great....