Thursday, October 30, 2008

well, anne, you asked for words... and i'm trying to avoid doing the dishes... so, here you go! lol

so, i'm organizing the dishes so i can get them washed (we're out of spoons and bowls for the kids), and asher sauntered into the bathroom. he walked over to the counter and spied a toy that's a pig on one side and a cow on the other. he climbed up onto the stool, and i heard...

"MOM! MOMMA! MOM! oink-a-ink... kees... ka-oink... kees... kees?" (translation: oink oink, please, oinkoink, please. please?)

so i gave it to him, and he said...

"ah-come. oink oink..[turns toy around to see cow] moomoo... mooooo."

yeah, he says "you're welcome" instead of "thank-you." he'll figure it out eventually. i think bram did the same thing, so i'm not worried.

now i'm off to do dishes. oh joy, oh bliss.

1 comment:

ChristophersHeart said...

Like you said, you gotta LOVE normal!

Such a sweetie pie :-)

good luck with those dishes....ugh!