Thursday, March 20, 2008

we (finally) heard from toronto today

....just a few minutes ago, actually. we've been waiting all week. i wanted to vomit the whole time ed was talking to dr russell. here's what she said:

there are 2 people who's job it is to do up the MRI reports. one has been off sick all week. the other person is on holidays.

so she doesn't have a report yet.

she said that if we haven't heard from her by midday tuesday, we are to page her.

ah, hospital timelines...

on the bright side, though (since i believe there always is one)... at least we know asher won't be having surgery till after easter. but still! arg.

btw.... thank-you so much, joyce, for the groceries you sent over this afternoon. i can't tell you how much we appreciate your generosity. (and thanks, pam, for dropping them off.)

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Annie said...

Well atleast you know it is not happening over the weekend but I know you wanted to know when... all in God's timing girlie!