Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a little progress report

well, after 2 doses of peg (the powerful laxative) ed finally had a very yucky, but very welcome, clean-up job this afternoon. and given asher's, um, issues with this lately, we've decided to go back to daily doses of the stuff. poor little guy. but we can't have him gettin' backed up, because man! does he ever get cranky!

as for the congestive heart failure... well, we missed his HCT yesterday for some reason, and this morning asher was puuuuffffyyyy! well, guess we won't be doing that again! i had started thinking that perhaps the CHF was over for now. guess i was wrong. and now that i'm thinking about it, of course i was wrong! fluid is still backing up b/c the vein is still being squeezed! basically, we're just treating the symptoms now, as opposed to dealing with the actual problem. but the underlying issue is that pesky stent, and the only thing that will fix that is the surgery.

well, that's about it for today. not much happened, really. i went shopping with the boys this morning (it was blithe's first day back at school today after 2.5 weeks for march break - why didn't i get that when i was in school?) anyway... i picked up a bunch of fun stuff at michaels this morning (you had to know i'd have gone there! i mean, have you not met me?! lol). i posted some of the collage papers i bought over on my other blog (, so you can check it out there, if you're interested. i may also post an image from the stamp i bought for my birthday, too. lots of fun, it is! anyway, that's that for today. it was nice to change asher's diaper in the store washroom. which sounds odd, but i never get to take him shopping, so it was a lovely, welcomed, long-overdue dose of normalcy for us. i'll take 50cc of normal once daily, thank-you very much! lol (oh, med jokes. yup, i'm an SN mom, can you tell?) ok, this is now the third time i'll say this: well, that's it for today, folks. i'm going to go read and watch TV with ed. talk to you later!

ps - one quick note: please pray for baby yale, another HLHS baby who had the hybrid in january. he's about 2.5 months old, and he has stopped wanting to eat right now. he'll still take his soother and his meds, but no formula. they're back to tube feeds, but he doesn't seem to be teething, so they're not quite sure what's up at the moment. also, ryley, our friends' daughter who had a transplant and now has some mild rejection, is currently on steroids and is, therefore, eating them out of house and home! this is a good sign, it's a side effect of the meds, and they're hopeful that this will help get rid of the rejection. she had some bloodwork on monday and an echo yesterday (all in london). please pray that the rejection has not affected heart function, and that all these meds and increasing strength will get rid of the rejection. thanks!

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