Monday, March 17, 2008

asher today

i know we've all been a little stressed (!) lately, worrying about asher. the congestive heart failure is a huge problem (in case you didn't realize that). but....

after dr f (nephro) put asher on hydrochlorothiazide (fine, pam, HCT, but i like that i can say and spell the whole thing), the puffiness seems to be going down a bit. his diapers lately must weigh a ton. but, as much as that is improving, the script is for 3 months, which means that this is an on-going med for my boy. probably a good thing, since CHF is an on-going concern for my boy.

now, the puffiness is getting better, but everything else is still there. i'd say that his colour is bad, but that implies that he has colour today. he's still incredibly tired and short of breath (you can hear him in the next room at times!) and irritable! let me put it this way.... i want my happy baby back. i have enough tantrums to deal with from blithe and bram. asher was always the "quiet" one. my easy, low-maintenance child. not so much lately. but, hopefully, once cardio's done doing what they need to with him, he'll be better. same thing happened when he got his ASD stent. he was cranky, they stented him, he was happy and pink. so, here's hoping......

anyway, we're waiting to hear from toronto. she said she'd call early this week. and maybe monday afternoon is too early for them to call, but it's not too early from my end. just let me know what's going on so i can plan something!!!!!! (you know, like my b-day. my 30th. on saturday. so, to recap, my 30th b-day is on saturday, 22 march. lol) but seriously, i have other things to plan, too, like childcare while we're in toronto, and menu planning in the meantime, tons of stuff! arg.

ah, well. such is life with asher. unpredictable doesn't even begin to cover it. but, that just makes life more interesting. if we could plan everything, it just wouldn't be our norm, would it? lol h

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