Tuesday, March 18, 2008

because i know you're wondering....

still no news from toronto. we're still waiting. ugh. but dr russell said she'd call us wednesday at the latest. that's tomorrow. hopefully i'll have some news.

i also have a couple other heart kids to mention tonight:

ryley, a little girl who had a heart transplant a couple years ago, was in for a biopsy last week (same day as asher's MRI, actually; it's nice to wait with friends). it was basically supposed to be a follow-up, make sure everything was still ok. turns out, ryley has some mild rejection.... again. this is very hard on them. ryley will need more meds (steroids, immuno-suppressants) and more bloodwork to check on her immune levels (it's the immune system that causes rejection; you need to suppress it to avoid rejection). she will also need another biopsy next month. please pray for ryley and her family during this stressful time.

also, another little heart baby, atticus, out in edmonton. hlhs, post-fontan, had some SERIOUS complications, had a transplant. he's been in hospital since november. i've been following his blog, and their winter makes ours look simple and easy and healthy and normal. seriously, they've had a rough time. well, HE'S GOING HOME!!!! his sats have been at 100% for a while now, and other than some feeding issues and muscle tightness (he's been lying in bed for 5 months), he's good. they live in the same city as the hospital, so if need be, he can be quickly re-admitted, but his issues can now be handled at home. they are very excited (duh!), and i'll admit, i cried when i read it. what a wonderful blessing, and right before easter. please remember this family in your prayers, too, especially during this season of new life!

ok, so, not much about us, but stuff about other kids. but, none of us can make it through life with these kids on our own, we need all the support we can get. thanks so much! h

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