Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asher loves balloons! (i hope this works!)

i hope this works. i've never added a video to a blog before. (see all these advantages of blogger!)

asher had SO much fun playing with his balloon this morning. this is often how he plays, esp when he's really excited. or overtired. he doesn't like to stop, so you might notice little pauses here and there, but this is a little view of my "sick" baby. enjoy! (and when he suddenly turns electric blue half-way through, that's not him. he's pale/blue today, yes, but not like that. the lighting was bad at the time.)

please ignore the camera work. it's the first time i've used the video feature on my camera, so i didn't think it was filming when i sat down. hence the very shaky camera work at the beginning. and then he kept moving! what's up with that? you can tell i don't ordinarily use the video camera, i don't know what i'm doing. ah, something new for me to figure out.

anyway, gotta go set up his feed. mom and i took the kids out to see the tundra swans in aylmer today; we just got back about half an hour ago. it was awesome - over 1200 swans! beautiful! i took some pictures, i'll probably post and scrap some later, but that will be on my scrapbooking blog. well, talk to you later! h

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Annie said...

I want to go see the tundra swans tomorrow... can't wait!

Have a Happy Easter!