Saturday, January 29, 2011

would i have named my son *asher* if i ever thought he'd turn the colour of *ash*?


that's right, folks. asher is, as i type this post, sleeping.

and asher is, as i type this post, grey.

he's not distressed or anything. in fact, his cheeks are nice and rosy and pink.

but the rest of his face...

nose, forehead, around his mouth...


and he has been for about 40 minutes now.

the first couple times i checked on him, i turned the light on in his room, and he didn't move. this time, i turned on the light and moved his arm off his face, and he grumbled and turned onto his back. so he can be roused, so that's a good sign.

but still...

he's grey.

but that's his only symptom.

{calls amazing dr b}

k, so it is now about 20 minutes after i started typing this post. i have (if you were paying attention, haha) called dr b.

some quotes from the conversation:
"your instincts aren't usually wrong, heather." "yes, i know..."
if you're concerned enough to call me, you're concerned enough to take him in.
k, i'm gonna say, wake him up, and if he pinks up, then he's probably ok. if he doesn't pink up when you wake him, you're gonna have to take him in.
so, while still on the phone with dr b, i checked on asher again. and he was still a bit grey-ish, but not like earlier. so i (probably) won't be taking him in tonight.

that being said, i have to pop up to cardio on monday to return the holter. and i'm going to mention to someone that he was grey tonight. of course, dr w won't be in the clinic on monday, so pray/send vibes/cross crossables that dr r will be around, and i can mention it to him.


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