Saturday, January 29, 2011

a quick update about clinic yesterday...

clinic was actually pretty good, i'd say.

sorry, i just don't have a long post in me tonight. so i'm just going to do the coles notes version of the day, and you can fill in any jokes and wisecracks you want.

  • sats: 95-96%; BP was normal; HR was 110
  • height: 97 cm (3'2" - he's almost an inch taller since october!!!); weight: 15.4 kg (approx 34 lbs)
  • ECG looked fine
  • asher's re-obsessed with Thomas trains.
  • asher greeted his cardio with "guten tag," which amused and delighted her. see? she's lovely. :)
  • resident was inappropriately dressed, and put things like puffiness in quotes... because it's not a medical term. but i had to explain the difference between swelling and puffiness for her. (for non-medi/heart types... one is an accumulation of blood to an injury/infection site, the other is the result of fluid build-up caused by insufficient heart function.)
  • dr w agreed that asher's latest symptoms are the cardiac after-effects of a virus, but as long as they resolve themselves in due course, he's ok. 
  • asher was not puffy, as he had been on monday when dr w booked the appointment. of course. haha but this also means that his symptoms are resolving themselves in due course, so he's ok.
  • dr w agreed with dr b's decision to prescribe ranitidine to treat the reflux.
  • dr w was concerned about asher's report of his "heart going really fast" the other day. so she ordered a holter, and we'll see from that if his pacemaker needs to be adjusted.
  • dr w discontinued the aspirin. she said that, because of his age and the fact that he's in school, he has a higher risk of a bleed from getting bumped, than he does of developing a blood clot from being sedentary. we will probably have to resume bloodthinners when he's older, but for now, he doesn't need to be on aspirin.
  • discontinuing the aspirin is a major milestone for asher. he's not on any cardiac meds anymore!!!!!!
sorry that this wasn't up to my usual standards of quality writing and verbose-ness (haha, i just made up a word because i couldn't think of the word meaning "wordy" HAHA). i've got other things on my mind tonight...

don't worry... there's another post in the offing as i type...

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