Monday, November 29, 2010

it's a sad day today.

my post this morning was inspired by a post on Adventures of a Funky Heart, written by Steve Catoe. the entire blog is devoted to CHD, providing tons of information about research, treatment, goals for the future.

Steve was born with tricuspid atresia. it's similar to HLHS, only on the other side of the heart. he had the BT shunt when he was very young (i forget what age), he had an early version of the fontan, he had a pacemaker. he survived sepsis, endocarditis, gout, CHF. he was one of the oldest CHD survivors.

i shared many times, both on this blog and on facebook, from his blog. the writing is incredible, and the information is invaluable. so many times, i commented on his posts, and he would reply, not only on the blog, but often directly to me, as well, usually making jokes or vowing to find the information i was seeking.

today we learned that steve, at the age of 44, passed away sometime late last night or early this morning.

to say he will be missed is an understatement. he was a relentless crusader for CHD. he was a cheerleader for heart warriors and their families. he was a fount of information. he was funny, intelligent, and encouraging.

please. if you know a heart warrior, hug them today. Steve lived a long time by CHD standards. not all CHDers have his kind of longevity. but i will end with a link to his post from the other day. it sums up his mission and goal.

A Cure for Heart Defects!

RIP, Funky Heart. our broken hearts are breaking. you will be missed.

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Hope's Blog said...

It really just breaks my heart a little more when another warrior passes away. Steve was an inspiration and his writing was so amazing. He will be missed.