Friday, December 10, 2010

on this day in history...

i took asher to our local emerg. he was having trouble breathing. i thought he would just need some oxygen and then he'd come home.

instead, we were sent to london.

where dr pepelassis (aka, "pepy") checked out asher's heart.

"usually babies with this condition," he said, semi-panicked, "are operated on right after birth. he's eight days old now. it's too late. he's going to die. you have to be strong now, so pull yourself together, and come back and say your good-byes."

he called SickKids anyway, and they told him that if he could get asher stable enough for transport, that they would take him and "see if they can try anything."

in toronto, i was drawn a picture of a normal heart.

and then i was drawn a picture of asher's heart.

and there is a lot of stuff missing in asher's heart.

on this day four years ago, the cardiologist in toronto went over our options:

  1. 3 open heart surgeries. one right now, one at six months, one at two years.
  2. very new (read: partially experimental) but gentle closed heart surgery now, massive open heart surgery at six months, and open heart again at 2 years.
  3. transplant. meaning weeks or months on by-pass, and the risk that asher might not live long enough to get the new heart.
  4. comfort care. (for those unfamiliar with the term, it's pain management and nothing else.)
that was four years ago.

and right now, as i type this, asher is watching Roly Poly Olie, and drinking juice with his fingers. he sticks his hand into the cup, then sucks (noisily, i might add) the juice off his fingers.

it's been a long four years, to say the least.

i'm hoping we'll have many, many more.

and today is another special anniversary. one of asher's little heart buddies, Yale, is celebrating his heart anniversary today. two years ago, Yale was given his new heart. and believe me when i say, he hasn't looked back!!

so congratulations, yale and family. :) and thank-You, God, for saving and preserving my littlest man's life over the last four years. 

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Tanna said...

I know with everything in me, we were brought together by higher powers. We don't spend much time together in person, but I know if I ever needed anything, you'd be there. Its uncanny the similarities we've experience, everything right down to how our boys look like they are from the same womb. Congratulations on four amazing years. I remember a very "controversial" slip of the lip from buffo when we had met 6 months survival. "Its the smart mother's who's babies make it" and you my dear sure are a smart mother!
hugs to you, I cannot wait to be celebrating our boys going off to college!