Monday, November 1, 2010

happy hallowe'en!!!

yes, yes, i know. it's already november and i still haven't posted about hallowe'en. bad asher's mom, bad bad asher's mom. and so here we go: the long-awaited post.

asher got his costume a couple weeks ago, and so he wore it. a lot. everywhere. all the time. yup, he LURVS his costume.

alright, fine, twist my arm. here's a pic:
that's right, folks. he was ELMO!!!!!!

(funny story: so, you may or may not remember how i got through his diagnosis and first admission. when i learned that he would be blue, i thought, "well, that makes hallowe'en easy. he'll be grover." so, now that he's pink, he doesn't need to be anyone blue. nope. asher almost blends in with the costume now!!! WOOHOO!!!!)

so, i'll tell you about hallowe'en now. i got all the kids dressed. you've already seen asher.
bram was Sheerluck Holmes, from VeggieTales. Sheerluck is their version of Sherlock, and is played by Larry the Cucumber. hence the green face and buck tooth. how cute is he, eh??
blithe was Mina Harker, from Dracula. look at her working that costume. i'm actually quite proud of this one.
here's the close-up of the make-up. now, i don't usually allow the kids to be anything evil or scary, and blithe wasn't supposed to be. this started as a medieval princess, which blithe understood to be an evil princess, and well, it went from there. and then i was having so much fun doing her make-up, and i guess i got a little carried away. but she looks fang-tastic, wouldn't you say?

anyway, the kids got all costumed, and out we went.
with bram's bestest buddy nicholas. nicholas' mom lori took us all around her usual "haunts." we left their place at 6:00, and didn't get back till almost 8. and you know what?

asher walked.

the whole way.

the whole time.

sure, he was a little slower than the other boys, but that's because they are two years older and have longer legs.

not because asher was tired.

yes, you read that right.

asher walked.

and ran.

and jumped.

and carried a pail full of candy etc.





for two hours.

and he wasn't even winded.

just a normal kid doing normal kid stuff at a normal 3 year old pace.

extraordinary, no?

i love it.

(and you're gonna laugh... i told him he's allergic to chocolate. and i got blithe and bram in on it. so he handed me every chocolate bar he got. mwahaha)

(and yes, i have some ideas about future costumes. next year: a robot. {wink})


corinnesomerville said...

You're a great mom, Heather !!! I'm so proud of you...I'm glad we've started a friendship together that will hopefully grow over the days, months and years to come!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the happy Halloween.