Thursday, August 12, 2010

a quick update

i just realized i hadn't updated you in a couple days. sorry about that. anyway, for those of you who are dying to know and waiting impatiently for some news, here you go.

the holter showed nothing, as i expected. dr w suggested that i mention the fainting and dizziness to the neurologist when we see him next week, because if the problem isn't cardiac, it might be neurological.

asher seems to be doing better. he hasn't fainted in quite some time, and he doesn't seem to be getting dizzy anymore... at least not that i've noticed, and since he doesn't tell me, all i can go by is drunken stumbling, and there's been none of that, so i'm assuming here. he has been pale over the last few days, but it's humid, so i'm brushing that off. his nose isn't runny anymore, and while he is sweaty off and on, like i said, it's been humid, so i'm not worried.

all that said, we're still going in for an echo tomorrow afternoon, and they're going to look at his arch. but the doc may just be humouring me at this point, but we're still going. because i still think it might be a concern, even though the symptoms have mostly disappeared. remember that it hasn't grown in over 2 years, but until recently, neither had asher. which meant that he had the same amount of blood going through as he did 2 years ago. but now that he has gained some weight and started growing, there is more blood trying to get through a vessel that hasn't grown, and this can cause the very symptoms asher had been having.

but i don't think it's urgent anymore. i'm not freaking out. i'm at the point now where i'd like it investigated, but if they find nothing, i won't be devastated and frustrated anymore. who knows, the whole thing may just have been asher's bi-monthly failure scare.

i'll let you know what the echo finds tomorrow.

in the meantime, please continue to pray for Ali. he is going to SickKids today. he is still intubated, and he needs a chest tube. he is getting TPN and had a transfusion yesterday. plastic bronchitis isn't pretty, and well, there isn't much they can do for it. the transfer to SickKids is good because they have more cardiac resources than london, but on the other hand... it means he needs more help than london can give. please pray for him and his mom, Shay. this is so hard on her, to watch her son suffer like this. i know those feelings well, and it's a brutal place to be in. so hold them both in the Light, and i will keep updating here so you're in the loop.

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