Monday, August 9, 2010

please pray

i went to visit a "friend" today... it's in quotes because i'd never actually met her, but she's on my facebook and she's a heart mom, so it counts in a strange, 21st century kind of way...

shay's son Ali is in PCCU in london right now. ali has HRHS (like asher, but the other side of the heart). he is 5 years old, and he has plastic bronchitis (a complication which only happens in kids who have had the Fontan, which Ali had 2.5 years ago, and it has been a constant problem ever since).

he is not doing well.

he is in surgery right now. he has a chunk of something gross (a "cast") blocking his right lung and there is a nasty infection in there. he has been intubated for a few days.

his mom is really scared right now. i won't go into detail out of respect for her, but this is not good. please please please pray/send good vibes/cross crossables for Ali and Shay right now. whatever is afflicting asher is nothing compared to this, so please hold them in the Light. i will try to keep you posted. thank-you.

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