Friday, August 6, 2010

the "emergency" cardio appointment

we just got back from cardiology, so i thought i'd post about how it went. i'll start with the good news.

his sats were 98%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just can't get used to numbers like that! we spent so long in the 60s to low 80s, and now that he's (usually) in the high 90s, i still haven't really adjusted. it still just makes me happy.

and that's the good news.

ok, now on to the rest of the appointment.

his blood pressure was... um... interesting. 110/82 in his left leg, and 90/63 in his right arm. the gradient (difference) is better than it was last week, but it's still pretty big.

then we went to see dr w to check the pacemaker. the chest x-rays last week showed nothing wrong with the leads, which means that electricity is getting from the generator to the heart without interruption, so that's good. and when dr w investigated the generator today, she found... nothing.

there's nothing wrong with the generator. at least, nothing that showed up, anyway. so they put a holter on asher, and he'll wear that until tomorrow afternoon. we'll take it in on monday, and dr w will review the results as soon as she can (it can take a couple days to get the information out of the holter). i mentioned to her that i had a couple other ideas about the cause of the problem. when i told her about the arch, she said that once she gets the holter report, if it's negative, they'll keep looking. she asked when we're scheduled for another echo, and when i said october, she said that she'll get us in sooner to have a look specifically at the arch.

i've gotta say, i'm now exhausted. i may just end up taking the kids out for supper tonight, just so i don't have to cook, because i don't think i should be around anything sharp or hot right now. haha and i just want to cry. i was actually hoping she would have found a huge problem with the pacemaker. at least then it's something simple, and even more importantly, it's an answer. alas, not in asherland. so we wait.

so here is my prayer request for tonight: please pray that asher blacks out. it doesn't have to happen tonight. anytime between now and 3:00 EST tomorrow afternoon. that way it will show up on the holter. and if you feel weird praying for something bad to happen to the wee lad, pray for dizzy spells... and that he tells me when he's dizzy. i know it sounds strange praying for weird symptoms, but this way they'll be recorded and the docs can see what his heart is actually doing when he has them. thanks so much.

psalm 27:14


Anonymous said...

request taken, understood and passed on. xxx love you guys.

Lisa said...

Hang in there Heather. I'm glad you have found that wonderful verse to claim as yours to help you.