Saturday, August 7, 2010

ah, the holter...

well, it's done now, and asher helped me to remove everything from his chest and stomach. so the test is officially done. and guess what happened in the 24 hours?


well, no. i shouldn't say that. he got a bit dizzy while helping to unload the cart at the grocery store. needless to say, the lady behind us looked at me like i was crazy when, in the midst of all that activity, i turned and asked her the time and pulled a paper out of my purse to write something down. but whatever. she doesn't know what's going on.

and asher got a bit dizzy at one point yesterday evening, and last night at bedtime, he had a few other symptoms. he was very sweaty on his head (and i mean, his hair was actually wet! yuck!), and his hands were very, very grey. during the night, he woke up once crying, which he never does unless he wakes up dizzy. don't worry, all this got recorded in the diary, but somehow i doubt that anything will show up on the holter. sigh.

but meanwhile, though i really want some answers right now, i have some peace. we'll get answers soon, and  we'll get asher all fixed up... again. it will be ok. thanks for the prayers over the last day or so, but please don't stop praying; we're going to need plenty while this all gets sorted out. thank-you.

psalm 27:14

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Anonymous said...

May all the strength in the world be yours as you and your boy cope from day to day.