Sunday, August 23, 2009

worst. choice. ever.

ok, this will be quick, because i'm nauseous thinking about it.

doc karin came in tonight to check on asher, and in the course of her assessment, she saw:
  • he doesn't like turning his head
  • he has a headache
  • he looks terrible, even after 24 hours of two big antibiotics
  • photophobia. which means that he's afraid of light. she went to look at his throat, and he freaked out, squeezing his eyes shut, covering them with his hands, and freaking out.

so here's the thought:


now, if it's viral, there's really nothing we can do, other than treat his symptoms and let the virus run its course. if it's bacterial, we'll need to attack it with meds.

so they're doing a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) tonight at 11. i'll post afterward with details.

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