Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm happy! (it's like they read the blog or something LOL)

the team came around just a few minutes on rounds. they're very happy with asher's progress today. and all his cutures have come back negative, so no little buggies anywhere, so that's good, too.

so, the plan at the moment is:
  • stop the antibiotics
  • cancel the LP
  • send us home in the morning.

now, usually, they would just send us home immediately once they stop the meds. but this is asher, and they all know that, so they're keeping us overnight, just to make sure he doesn't relapse. and given that he can now move his head and next, and he has some energy (as he babbles and flops all over his crib beside me right now, LOL), and he doesn't seem to mind the light so much now, they're calling off the LP.

now all this is assuming he stays on the track he's on at the moment. if any of this changes, and he gets at all sicker tonight, they're going to go ahead with the LP, restart the antibiotics, and keep us here longer. but right now it doesn't look like that's gonna happen, so i'm ready to go home tomorrow morning. YAY!!!!!

also, i just got off the phone with GI, and apparently, we have an appointment in Interventional Radiology next monday (31 aug) to get a g-tube. so that's exciting, too! :)

adn a quick note to those who'll understand this: i saw that doc, a few times now, actually, and yes, my IQ remained in the triple digits, so that's progress. ROFL

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