Monday, August 24, 2009


well, today is another day. asher still looks like crap, though he has a bit more energy, he's talking a bit more, and he's not yelling at us so much today, so that's good.

on the other hand, he's still lethargic, he's still sensitive to the light. he still doesn't want to eat or move. he's still grumpy and doesn't want anything. oh, and he's still sweating like a pig.

as for the title of this post.....

cardio popped in this morning. and looked at asher and agreed that he's sick, but that it's not cardiac (which i know it's not, so that's fine). she noticed that he still doesn't like the light, and that he's not even close to his usual self, and that he's still somewhat febrile. so they're going to keep an eye on him, albeit from the peripheries, but still. she was supportive, and pleasant, and agreeable, and open to discussion.

so still no news from the team if/when they'll do the LP today. asher is looking a bit better, but that's after huge doses of big antibiotics, so who knows. i'll post when i know more.

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