Monday, August 24, 2009

it's a rollercoaster with this kid, it really is

so karin talked to tomorrow's attending, and he suggested waiting till tomorrow to do the LP. the idea is this: if asher does anything, well, asher-ish, there will be a whole hospital of people who can handle it. whereas right now, there's not so many people around, so it wouldn't be as easy to handle any asher-esque complications. as for the infection itself, he doesn't believe there would be too much of a change overnight, so it's reasonable to wait till morning. he starts at 8, and karin will try to get him to come see asher early, and we'll get on top of this as quickly as possible.

in the meantime, they're doubling his doses of antibiotics to meningitis doses, and hopefully that will do something. because, as i said in the last post, he's been on these 2 big meds for over 24 hours, and he's only getting worse. karin also gave me a heads-up that they might be changing his meds tomorrow. apparently, ampicillin isn't commonly given to older kids like asher. they're reserved for younger kids. so they may decide to switch it to vancomycin.

frankly, i don't like that idea. i know it's probably for the best in some ways, but asher's been on vanco before, and it wasn't pretty. it tends to destroy his iv's. and since he's a VERY difficult poke, it often takes several attempts to get a new IV started. and since they blow with almost every dose, you can see why this is not my favourite part of the plan. i mean, i get the whole "do what you gotta do" thing, but i don't want my baby to get hurt again. it took at least 6 pokes yesterday to get this one line in, and his hand is already looking puffy (though still soft, so we're just watching it and keeping our fingers crossed).

so that's the plan as of right now. i have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but i'm trusting God to take care of my boy. He's gotten him through some pretty scary times before, so let's just pray that He'll bring asher through this one, too.

i'll post tomorrow with the details, as i know them. so, yeah. ttyl.

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ChristophersHeart said...

Oh sweetie, I was afraid they were looking for Meningitis. HUGE hugs coming your way, hoping that's not the case at all. I am glad they are waiting until morning, sweet Asher does have a bit of a rep for taking a unique path sometimes, best to have all those available there to help, just in case. You are in our thoughts and prayers today, sending you lots of love and hugs and good vibes for a simple answer and easy procedure.
I feel sick for you though, because I know how awful it is to sign that circulatory arrest paper and if this feels worse, ugh, I can only imagine....give that sweet little boy a big hug and kiss from us, hoping for lots of good news and positive plans for you guys today.