Friday, July 25, 2008

well, thank-you very much, but i'd prefer *not* to repeat last night. and... MORE AWESOME CARDIO NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, long story short (yeah, right, lol): i took asher in to emerg last night because he was grey. not pale. not blue. grey. yeah. well... when they looked at his colour, combined with a few other items from his recent history (sweating around the head, puffy eyes/hands/feet, reflux, sleep apnea, some coughing, i think that's about it), they suspected (mild) congestive heart failure. so... they kept us overnight in a freezing room, in which asher did not go to sleep until about 1am and i only dozed off and on in a very hard rocking chair for a couple hours. so now i'm exhausted and sore. the delights of emerg. anyway, cardiology ordered an echo this morning, and it's not his heart. so that was a relief. i still don't quite know what it is that's making him this colour, but it's not his heart, so frankly, i don't care. all that being said, i'm keeping an eye on him, since grey tends to indicate one of two things:
  1. heart issues (which it isn't this time)
  2. infection. somewhere. usually a weird bug in a weird place.

if it's an infection, well, i'll discuss it with the immunologist on wednesday at SickKids and see what he says. ...

also, in the title of this post, i promised some exciting cardio news. well, here it is:


why am i so excited about this? to be honest, i actually take great comfort in knowing that there are as many doctors as possible who know asher. i know that sounds odd, and somewhat horrifying, but here's my reasoning: it comforts me to know that, when we come in to emerg, for example, it doesn't matter which cardio is on call, they all know asher. haha, funny thing about that: every once in a while i wonder who asher's new doc will be, but then i think to myself, really, does it matter? we're going to get to know them all very well very quickly.

ok, i really need to stop typing this post. i still have more to say, but it's a whole different tone, so i'll stop for a moment, pick up the remnants of bram's supper off the floor, and switch gears a little. talk to you later! :)

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