Wednesday, July 23, 2008

asher's new pump

oh, the tale i could tell if i cared to... some of you know it, the rest of you, well, be happy you don't. suffice it to say, KendallTyco Healthcare, the makers of the notorious/crappy ePump, is a terrible company to deal with. bad customer service, worse "tech support" (i ask, how can they call themselves "tech" when they don't even know how to answer a freakin' phone, and how can they call themselves "support" when they're never available to help you? i mean, seriously, people!). oh, yeah, and crappy pumps.

long story short... i have a Joey pump from them, which, once i (finally) receive the backpack that was promised to me almost 3 weeks ago (which is coming in all the way from London, ON, by the way), i will (finally) have all the pieces required for this pump to be usable. not that i'm going to use it much. it's going to be the backup.

but.... we also now have the EnteraLite Infinity, which thrills my little heart. every parent i've "talked" to (on a discussion board in our CHD group on Facebook) loves this pump, and i've gotta say, even though we've only been running it for the last 3 hours or so, I LOVE THIS PUMP!!!!!! and here's the miraculous tale of how it came into our possession:

remember the other week, way back when, when i said that i was going to order this pump, believing in a miracle to be able to afford it? remember that? and then keri offered to do some fundraising, to help pay for the pump? well... i called the local pharmacy and told them to go ahead and order the pump, but to set up an account for me, and i'd pay it off as i had the money to do so. but, at the same time that i was on the phone with them....

dr b, asher's paediatrician, was at a meeting at the office of our local MPP. for some reason, dr b thought of asher and all the trouble we're having with the pump, and that we need to order a new one, but we can't pay for it, but asher needs it in order to stay alive. MPP's response? "oh, yeah, we can cover that for them. up to $1500. no problem. just order it and send the invoice here. i'll forward it on." just like that. covered. paid for. completely. i have no looming debt hanging over my head, no one has to do any extra work for us, nothing, just a pump completely paid for by some foundation MPP-boy knows about.


so, there you have it. in the morning, i'll take some pictures, hopefully with asher sporting his new backpack (which is too cute - so small!!!), but i want you all to see how great this pump is! it's absolutely tiny, and immersable in running water, and light as a feather!!! i love it!!!

ok, there's the tale of the pump. now, i'm tired, asher's meds are about an hour late, and i still have my whole bedtime routine of journaling and reading ahead of me. well, have a good night, and i'll likely talk to you tomorrow. (i'm so happy to have my computer back, can you tell? lol)

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