Saturday, July 5, 2008

an answer to prayer - thank-you so much, keri! :)

ok, so, i thought i would share something positive with you today after my rather, um, not-so-positive post yesterday. sorry about the angry outburst. :( but you know, this is how life goes sometimes with SN kids. sometimes it's frustrate. ;) so, yeah, enjoy this delightful email, and see how God answers prayers. (and for those who might recognize the name, she used to be the secretary at the london cardiology clinic, so i know some of you will remember her.) anyway, happy reading! :)

Hi Heather,

I just got caught up on the blog.

Can we do a fundraiser and get the money for his pump??

I have done a few for Liam in the last couple of months with great success.

Let me know, when you have a when you can squeeze in a minute.

I would LOVE to get you 2000!!! Then you can get the pump and a spa day!!

Think about your family all the time, you are in my prayers!

check out the site...we have a lot of stuff on sale right now too!!

Basically, what ever sells, you will get the comission. We can even auction some of the higher priced items.

Keri-Lynn H

Strong Women... May we know them...May we raise them...May we be them.

ps - keri's nephew could use some prayers right now. he has some health issues of his own (not heart, but very serious), and is in hospital right now. it was rather a surprise admission (i know what that's like), and it's a stressful time for the whole family. please pray hard for him and all of them. so many we've seen with asher what prayer can do, so any prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts or whatever else you do, would be greatly appreciated right now. thanks so much.

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Don't Taste The Cat & Other Fine Mommy Moments said...

Hi Heather...

Just wondering how things are going and how Asher is doing and in regards to the fundraiser - how can we be involved/support it?

Hope all is well