Wednesday, July 23, 2008

thought i forgot about you?

well, i didn't, don't worry. no, my computer died a couple weeks ago, and i just got it back this afternoon. and hooked it all back up myself! impressed? i am! lol

anyway, i'll post in detail this evening. suffice it to say, asher's doing well, no big news there. and we got his new EnteraLite Infinity pump... haven't tried it yet, as ed has the kids on wednesdays, so we haven't had the chance to get it going yet. but i'll post tonight once it's been going for a couple hours, and i'll let you know then.

but, in the meantime....

please pray for Yale. he's in CCCU at SickKids. he had his norwood/glenn last week, and he's not doing so well right now. needs LOTS of prayers. and for his mom, tanna, as well. understandably, she's having a hard time with all this. check out yale's blog for more details; there's too much for me to write about here. the link is on the sidebar. i remember what it was like for asher after this surgery, and these kids are fighters, but they're also full of surprises. so please pray hard. thanks.

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