Saturday, February 19, 2011

on chest infections and immunology...

i just realized today that the last post here was about asher being sick, and i kind of left you hanging with that. my bad. so here's what you need to know.

he's better now. a few days of antibiotics cleared it up quite nicely, and although he's puffy off and on now, he's much better. so that's good.

and this week was our semi-annual immuno appointment.

i was all set to tell them that there's obviously nothing wrong with his immune system, since he's in school full time and the flu and chest infection were really the only things he's caught, and really, who doesn't get the flu or a chest infection in the winter in ontario, right? so he's fine and we're done, thank-you very much.

anyway, we went for the appointment, and the fellow came in. he asked a lot of questions like "has he had any weird rashes? any skin absesses? how long did it take him to get over the flu? what was the infection treated with? has he had this? has he had that?" oh, and the famous, "have you been to genetics?"

sigh... genetics...

now, immuno has been nagging me about genetics for 3 years now. they are convinced that asher might have DeGeorge Syndrome. i am convinced that he doesn't. wrong kind of heart defect, wrong kind of kidney issues, non-congenital feeding issues, he has chromosome 22q11 (the absence of which is an important marker of DiGeorge), and unless you count severe cuteness as a facial deformity, he doesn't have that issue, either. the only thing that's right is the type of immunedeficiency. so i don't think he has this particular issue. and really, what can genetics do? nothing. so why bother??

but i have tried this argument with them for a couple years now, and they're still nagging about it, so i tried another angle this time.

"well, i'm not currently planning on having anymore kids, so... yeah. we're not going. if i change my mind at any time, then we'll go. but the way things stand right now, i don't really see the point."

"oh. well, if you're not going to have any more kids, then there's really no point. no problem."

then on to the physical exam. he checked asher's ears, nose, and throat. then he laid asher down to check his stomach. he's feeling around and poking around and he says, "does that hurt?" to which asher replies, "nope. it doesn't hurt."

so, curious, i peaked around him and looked where he was checking. and laughed a little bit. and said,

"oh, yeah. i forgot to mention. the hard lump by the scar on his stomach... that's his pacemaker."

"oh, good! i was wondering what that was!"

and we laughed.

well, the fellow and i laughed. asher just laid there and asked about stickers.

so then doc came in. he complimented me on my boots (suede leopard print with 4" heels. yes, i rawk!! haha) and said this,

"well, his lymphocytes are low, but they seem to be working well enough. it could just be that he is at the very bottom end of normal for that, we're not sure. whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be a problem for him right now. but i think we need to continue with yearly monitoring in case it becomes a problem down the road at some point. how does that sound?"

what can i say? i agreed to that. because he actually gave me some information that i can use. for three years now it's been, "i dunno. see you in six months." instead, he told me the situation, and recommended yearly monitoring. i can live with that.

so now i have to find a planner for 2012, and learn what i can about lymphocytes. fun times! haha

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