Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and now for something completely different...

no goofiness or reflections today, i'm afraid. sigh...

for the last few days, asher's been coughing pretty badly. wet and crackly, and he's been pale, but it wasn't too serious. just a cough. i figured it was a little cold and it would go away.

it didn't.

in fact, it got worse.

today is his second day home from school. he hasn't been able to get a good sleep for the last couple nights, his heart has been hurting/burning, and he's very snuggly and cranky.

today, he was also puffy and blue.


so, we went to see dr b this morning. at first, asher didn't want to go, but wanted to see his BFF B at the hospital. then he wanted to see dr w. i had to literally pull him into dr b's clinic. sigh...

but once she came in to see him, he answered all her questions and breathed deeply and coughed when she told him to, and in the end, he was diagnosed with

a nasty chest infection.

she put him on amoxil for 10 days (anyone else would have gotten 7 days, but it's asher, so it's 10). i'll be getting that filled while i'm at work this evening, and we'll get him all fixed up and better for his immunology appointment next week.

(oh, yeah. we see immuno at sick kids next wednesday. i'm not expecting anything to come of it. in fact, i hope they'll just discharge us, since if he truly were immuno-compromised, he would have gotten way sicker way more often since starting school. but that's just my opinion here.)

anyway, right now he's lounging on the couch with his transformers pillow, monkey blanket and Chickie. he's pretty blue and puffy and short of breath right now...

ugh. i hate it when he's like this.

please pray/cross crossables/send good vibes that the antibiotics will do the trick and he'll be back to his usual spunky self in no time, with no nasty complications or trips to emerg/cardio. if anything does happen, though, rest assured, i'll let you know.

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Kerri said...

Poor baby! So sorry to hear he's feeing (and quite literally) blue. I hate to see either of my girls sick, but something about our heart kiddos. They shouldn't be allowed to "catch" anything else. Let us know how he's doing!
Prayers your way!