Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas 2010

yes, this post is late, and no, i don't have any pictures. :( i've lost my camera, which makes me very, very sad. so you're just gonna have to imagine all that i'm going to share with you. which is, without a word of a lie, miraculous.

the kids and i were gifted with the most unbelievable christmas ever. "santa" came. and stayed until "he" had delivered 3 garbage bags full of gifts. the boys got all the transformers they had asked for and batman pyjamas (complete with cape). asher got a new elmo stuffie, an elmo watch, elmo duplo, elmo play-do, and more that i can't even remember, there was so much stuff. bram got lego galore - pieces, kits, and books - and again, a ton other stuff. blithe got all things bieber - sheets, singing doll, book, CD. she got a lalaloopsy doll and an easy bake oven. and again, there's more. literally, everything they asked for. ever single thing.

for the four of us, we were given 8 movie passes, snacks for our nights out, and 2 free blockbuster rentals.

i got more for this christmas than i have received in at least the previous 3 years combined. i don't usually ask for much, a couple little things, and that's it. i really don't need anything. i got gift cards for chapters and starbucks and shoppers (my happy places, in case you're wondering, haha). i got a beautiful card and note from "santa" (which i now carry in my new purse from the kidley-winks). it was...


we were also given 6 boxes of dry goods for the panty, and grocery gift cards. so i don't have to worry about that for quite some time. i can't tell you how much that helps us.

and then there's the stuff from my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and the beautiful picture of my grandparents (my grandfather passed away in October 2009, while asher was admitted with H1N1). everyone in my extended family (other than one of my uncles and his wife) were at my grandmother's for brunch, including my aunt's husband and my cousin's husband, who got the day off work for the first time in over four years. everyone was there, and it was beautiful and loving and warm and joyful. truly miraculous.

i was also blessed with the opportunity to gift one of my aunts with something small (but very cool... she's lucky she got it, since i loved it so much, haha), and a note which made her cry (in a good way).

this was truly the most beautiful christmas i have ever experienced, and i am holding this close to my heart.

i hope your christmas was just as beautiful as ours was. i hope you experienced all the love, grace and peace that is the spirit of this holiday.

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