Monday, September 20, 2010

it's asher's first FULL day of school today...

so, of course, i'm blogging about it. (did you expect me to not post here about this?)

asher has been doing very well in school. he is loving every minute of it... or... um... almost every minute of it.

on his second day, he was sad and crying in the morning, so his EA took him over to see bram, who gave him a big hug and made asher happy. i loved to hear about how supportive my older kidley-winks are with their little brother. it makes my heart go up, it really does.

so this morning, i was getting the kids' lunches ready, and asher came into the kitchen. "what are you doing, mommy?" "i'm making your lunches for school today, sweetie." to which he replied, and i quote,


"what? what's wrong? don't you like school, hun?"

"no. i not like school anymore."

"how come?

"because day get mad at me."

"you mean when you wanted to play on the computer and they said 'no'?"

"yes. day get mad at me."

now, let me explain this. on friday morning last week, mrs b introduced the new centres that hadn't been opened yet. one of those centres was the computer. asher, it would seem, wanted to play on the computer right away. they told him that he would have to wait for his turn. anyway, this was not what asher wanted to hear, and well, in true asher-doesn't-know-crying-is-bad-for-him form, he got upset. and so, today, he not want go to school because day get mad at him. {rolls eyes} i tried to tell him that he will get a turn, and he'll be spending a lot of time on the computer, probably starting this week, but nope. he not like school anymore.

now, all that being said, i got him dressed without incident this morning, and we piled into the truck and when i dropped the kids off at school, he grabbed his backpack and ran after blithe and bram, who were taking him to the kindergarten doors. no complaints, no "i not want go to school," nothing. just smiles and running off to his class.

now, you may notice in that last paragraph that i drove the kids to school. "but, heather," i hear you asking, "why isn't asher going on the bus? were you running late this morning?" haha you'd think so, but no. i got up after only 4 hits on the snooze button (roughly 7:40), and everything was running smoothly and on time. so that was not the issue... today. (why, no, i love mornings. why do you ask?)

asher had been taking the bus to school. and then the school called one afternoon last week, and he will need to be on a special bus. he will have a car seat and get picked up and dropped off right at home, and there will be someone on the bus who can watch for asher's, well, asher-ness. it's just that the regular school bus isn't a safe place for him. and frankly, that's fine with asher. because he "not like da bus. it scary. dare too many people dare." so i'm hopeful that the change to a different busing situation will be smooth and asher will adjust well.

now, on a different note, asher decided on friday that he wanted to play on the computer. i set him up with his favourite site, and he said, "mommy, i not need help." and you know what? he didn't!!! he just played away on the laptop for almost an hour, perfectly content, clicking away all on his own. he did amazingly well. as he sat on my lap, i watched in amazement as he handled the somewhat-tricky finger-pad-thingy and clicking the button there, making pictures, playing songs, putting animals in the appropriate habitats... it was truly incredible. i was so impressed and proud.

maybe it's not such an impossible dream that he'll be the next bill gates or steve jobs... and i'll now add to that dream that asher will keep me in the lifestyle to which i would like to become accustomed. ;)

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