Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ASHER'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his bumblebee backpack. it's so huge on him!
look how proud he is of himself.


this is asher, waiting for the school bus. he was soooooooooo excited to go to school today!!!

right now, as i'm typing this post, asher is at school. his first day of JK. my little man is growing up!!! one of the moms at the bus stop asked if i was going to cry, and i'm going to be honest here, i'm not crying. i'm actually overjoyed that this day is here!!! my littlest man is going about his normal life, doing all the things that normal kids do, and he couldn't possibly be any happier, and frankly, neither could i.

there was a bit of a hiccup yesterday with the whole "asher starting school" thing: the VP called and said that she would like to have another intake meeting because "i understand asher has some health issues." she wasn't aware that asher would only be going for half-days at first, and she seemed surprised that he would be riding the bus. i said, "of course he'll be on the bus! that's one of the things he's most excited about!" "well," said she, "the bus can be pretty dangerous. it's bumpy, there's a lot of jostling..." so i told her that asher is not on a strong blood thinner, and he's got a protective vest over his pacemaker, and blithe and bram are very protective of him, and he will be fine. so she accepted that. i'm afraid that they are now expecting asher to be very frail and fragile and lethargic and all things stereotypical heart/SN kid. wow, are they ever in for a shock! so we will be meeting with the VP, LST (learning support/special ed teacher) and the teacher, EA or ECE from asher's class. asher's dad and i will both be there, and our paediatrician is also planning to attend. i told the VP that i would bring my notes from our meeting in june and we'll get all caught up and make sure we're on the same page. i think the meeting will go very well.

ok, i should go now. i will be picking asher up from school in about 45 minutes, and i'm eager to hear from him how well his first day went. i'll fill you in later today with his version of events. :)

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amanda said...

that is so beautiful to see!!

what a great advocate you are for him :)