Thursday, July 22, 2010

och, the wee lad...

so, bram needs a band-aid for his foot, because he got a blister.

of course, we're out of band-aids.

so, blithe picked up band-aids while she was out for dinner with her dad. she got some My Little Pony band-aids for herself, and Transformers band-aids for the boys. (Bram's instructions had been, "i want something from a show. and she better not get anything girlie.") well!

needless to say, bram was very happy with the transformers band-aids.

"but, heather," i can hear you asking, "this isn't bram's blog. this is asher's. what's up with the bram story?.. not that we don't love him, mind you, because he's delightful, but um... what about asher????" well, gentle readers, let me tell you.

asher wanted a band-aid, too. he must be like brammy, after all. so he gets himself a band-aid and says, "mommy, i need a band-aid for my leg."

"why?" i ask, confused.

"because i hab a bruise."

"DUDE!!" i exclaim, "you're on blood thinners!! if you want to put a band-aid on every bruise you have, you're gonna run out of band-aids pretty quick!!!"


Carrie Flynn said...


Wendy said...

Hilarious! And for goodness sakes don't let Asher plant that idea in Chris' head when you come to play - both our kids will be head to toe bandaids!! darn blood thinner bruising!!

Heather said...

what is it about aspirin, eh?? when asher was on warfarin and his INR was double what it should have been and he smashed his head on the table... not a mark on him!!!! and yet on aspirin, which isn't nearly as strong as warfarin... HEAD TO TOE BRUISES!!!!! LOL