Friday, July 23, 2010

asher's new 'do

look how cute he looks with his little "faux-hawk"!!!! i figured it matches his personality. haha

and the tale... so, asher's hair is insane when it's longer. and it was long. the girl must have cut a couple inches off, at least! he was so excited about going to get his haircut. he ran in, and was laughing and happy... until she called him back. then he didn't want to go. but i put him on the chair, he got his little cape-thing on, and then...

started screaming.

he calmed down while she was using the clippers. mind you, he had his face buried in my chest, but he stayed still. then she pulled out...

the scissors!!!!

that screaming you heard about an hour ago (and yes, i'm aware there's people in australia reading this... surely you heard the screams!)... yeah, that was ash. and then when she finished the cutting, and she went to put the gel in his hair...

oh, the horror!

he refused to even look in the mirror when it was done. flat out refused. he looked at his pic on my phone, but he just would not look in the mirror!

but now he likes it. i'm sure it'll be cooler for him in this heat and humidity than the long curls were, which will be nice for him.

oh! and someone needs to remind me to post of pic of ash with his new hat. a cute little plaid newsboy number that looks absolutely adorable on him! this kid of mine can pull off just about any look he wants.

are we surprised he likes his new "big boy rebel" look? not if you've met him, i'm sure! LOL

ps - i'll post about our immuno appointment later today. we went to sick kids on wednesday for that clinic. waste of time. but i'll fill you in later.

pps - we go for a kidney ultrasound this afternoon, and we're seeing nephro in early august. unless something earth-shattering happens this afternoon, i'll just wait till clinic to give you the deets about that.

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