Friday, June 11, 2010

well, it's a day...

so here's the day so far: bram was complaining this morning that he couldn't walk, but he usually says that when he's tired, so i sent him to school. i figured that once he got there with all his friends he'd be distracted and feel fine. apparently, not so much. the school called at 9:02 to say that bram wasn't feeling well and could i please come pick him up. so i got there, and while i was chatting with his teacher, we heard a little "mrs b-? i just acccidentally threw up." poor little thing.

then off to asher's second session of therapy. that was kind of upsetting, but i tried not to cry. instead, i tried to just hold everything without judgement. just watch. but really, i wanted to cry.

he went straight to the cars and found one he liked best. he took that one to the sandtray and started to drizzle sand on it and bury it. completely. KW just let him play like that for a while, to soothe him, because what she had planned for the morning "might not be so soothing." or he might not react at all.

she pulled out two baskets full of medical-inspired toys. there were little IV poles and meds and nurses and doctors and heart monitors and a hospital bed and so forth. he placed them all in the sand, and proceded to bury some of them. the surgeon with a mask, buried. the nurse (i assume) was stuck in the sand up to the waist, then ignored. the heart monitor was put in the sand upside down, so the wavy line was covered.  he drizzled sand all over the bed, but then dumped it off and put the bed aside. she gave him more more doctor-looking toys (white coats and stethoscope). he buried one, but left the other one entirely. didn't even touch it.

then he was allowed to put the medi-toys away, and was given a basket of cars again. he put them all in the sand... and buried them. all of them.

well, then time was up, so it was time to go home. asher seems tired, but likely not as drained as i am. he doesn't like to talk about what he's feeling. it's a rare moment when he opens up about this sort of thing. he just goes along as though everything is fine, but it would seem he's just burying his feelings. play therapy allows him to explore deeper feelings and issues in a free, non-threatening, non-judgemental environment. click on the title of this post to go to the play therapy page on wikipedia.

anyway, we still have one more appointment today for little asher. we go for a weight check with the paediatrician shortly after 2:00. i'll post later and tell you the results. please pray or whatever you do. we need a weight gain. thanks so much.

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