Friday, June 25, 2010

some sweetness.. and some sadness...

blithe wanted to take some pics tonight with my phone, so i let her. lol i thought i'd give you a peak at what down-time is like around here. :)

especially since... today, asher went for therapy again. and that breaks my heart.

as usual, he first went straight for the cars and threw them all into the sandtray... and proceeded to bury them. then he pointed out a generic tow-truck which he keeps telling us is "like Mater." after a while of burying the cars, KW asked asher what mater does.

"he hook cars up to his tail."

"which cars? any cars?"

"no, juss de broken ones."

"oh, ok. what does he do with them?"

"he take dem to de garage."

"to get fixed?"

no answer.

"do the broken cars get fixed at the garage?"


"does it hurt the cars when they're getting fixed?"

no answer.

"do they feel better when they're done getting fixed?"

no answer.

after a couple more minutes, KW decided to join in his game. so she picked up a red car with a missing wheel.

"help, mater, help! i'm broken! can you help me??"

"here come mater! he hook lightning [the red racecar. my bad, i should have specified.] up and take him."

"where is he taking lightning?"

"to de garage."

"what's going to happen there?"

no answer.

same game for several more cars. once she stopped playing that game, he buried all the cars that "mater" took to the garage.

do i need to explain any of this? i hope not. because it makes my heart go down to think about it.

so please hold asher in the Light over the next while. dealing with all this now is much better than letting it fester for years until it's overwhelming and he begins acting out... but seeing just how traumatized he was by the events of this spring is absolutely heartbreaking. so please pray for him.

also, since you're praying... please pray for asher's little heart buddy, Hannah, who has TGA (transposition of the great arteries). she is in the hospital right now, in st thomas. she is now doing better than she was the other day when she was admitted, but momma (Rachel) got some nerve-wracking news today, and they are now, basically, waiting for hannah to get really sick before they do anything. she will need to have her aortic arch ballooned or stented, and there is some narrowing in her pulmonary valve, and her MPA isn't doing so well, either. so it's "wait and see" for now. so please hold this family (dad is Nick) in the Light over the next little while. this is stressful, knowing there are a bunch of issues that need to be dealt with but that aren't being dealt with until "absolutely necessary." (for the record, they're not being reckless about this. there's a reason they're waiting, but i won't go into too much detail.) a stressful situation, this is; one that i know far too well. believe me, it sucks. so yeah, please pray for them. and i'll try to keep you posted. thanks.


Kristine said...

So heartbreaking to think of the pain he's gone through. Certainly sending him, and your entire family, thoughts and love for emotional healing.

Kerri said...

My heart breaks again and again as I read what your little Asher is going through. I wish I had the words to comfort you as you have done for me...I just don't know how or what to say. Know that I'm another heart mom friend on your side pulling for you and praying for family. Keep us posted on sweet Asher. Love and prayers your way!
Thanks so much friend for everything.