Saturday, November 28, 2009

vote for me! :)

i don't know how many of you realize this, but i'm part of a huge network of health bloggers at - communities of people blogging about a wide range of health issues (and not just paeds cardio - believe it or not, there ARE other health issues out there! who knew?! LOL). i'm part of the Children's Health Community. feel free to check out the site. it's pretty cool. :) there's an icon on the left sidebar, and you can click there to go to my profile, or just click the link above to go to Wellsphere and browse on your own.

anyhoo... right now there's the People's Health Blogger Awards 2009, and i'm in the running for Best Blogger in the Children's Health Community. there's a button on the right sidebar on this blog. click it and vote for me. :)

and then, feel free to add the "vote for heather" badge to your blog, too. the code is on my profile at wellsphere.

thanks so much!! :)

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