Monday, November 30, 2009

Asher's 3!!!!!!

asher's cake. he was so excited that it was elmo-ey. (fyi, everything has "-ey" at the end now. "caboosey," "brammy," "blithey," thomas-ey", and so forth. lol) the cake was made with love by nana (my mom).

the birthday boy, so happy with his candles.

look! he eats!!!!
asher wanted another piece of cake. specifically, elmo-ey's nose. but of course, he's not allowed more if he still has some on his plate. solution? put what's left of piece #1... on mommy's plate. no one will notice. LOL ah, well, it's his birthday. we'll humour him tonight. :)

(asher's b-day is actually wednesday, but we celebrated today because he's with ed on wednesday. and he doesn't know it's not really his b-day. he got an elmo cake, elmo lego, and thomas videos! who cares what day it is!!! LOL)

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