Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the plan, for now

dr russell (toronto cardio) called last night, and said that they had discussed asher in conference. apparently, the pressures in his heart are too high for the fontan right now, so they're going to start him on a couple meds: an ACE inhibitor, similar to enalapril (which he's on), but should help to strengthen the heart muscle, and a beta blocker. if these meds work the way they're expecting, asher should be ready for the fontan in the next few months. in the meantime, however, dr russell isn't comfortable starting him on the meds at home, so we're being admitted on thursday to 4D and staying the weekend. she just wants to keep an eye on him while they start this, for some observation, and so that if anything "asher-ish" happens, they can deal with it. i'll keep you posted.

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ChristophersHeart said...

Hi Heather,

So glad you have a plan and that people are finally realizing that Asher does things his own way and are being cautious. That being said, what a crummy time to be on 4D! I think I'd rather hang out there during the week, I found the weekends a wee bit too quiet and closed up. Hope it goes nice and fast and that Asher has oodles of fun in the playroom and charming the nurses.