Sunday, March 15, 2009

and we're home! :)

yesterday we missed rounds, but that was when they decided that asher could be discharged.

asher responded very well to the new meds, with no major blips in his blood pressure. and his heart rate only shot up a couple times, so they're content to send us home.

mind you, we have to see cardio for weekly check-ups for the next 6 weeks, to check heart rate and BP. his carvedilol needs to be titrated up over the next several weeks to get him to a full dose, and they need to monitor him while they do that.

and to do that, we'll either have to make weekly trips to toronto, which, other than the cost involved, i don't mind. or... i have to call london and switch cardios. which i'm not looking forward to. ugh. ah, well. so it goes with asher!

as for the pic here, this was taken by our good friend SR in asher's happy place, the playroom on 4D. his favourite thing there is the Hungry Hungry Hippos. in fact, when i told him on thursday morning that we were going to SickKids, he said, "hippos!!!" and ran for his hoodie! LOL

so there you go, we're home, asher's now on 3 BP meds, and they're all working. and he's adorable. ;) have a great march break everyone! :)


amanda said...

so glad it went well and you were able to come home so quickly. i can't believe how big asher is, he is so handsome!

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