Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 2

so, we started Ramapril last night. this is the ACE-Inhibitor that they're starting asher on instead of Enalapril. it should help him by strengthening the heart muscle and lowering the pressures in his heart. that's the goal. once those pressures come down, he'll be in a better place for the fontan.

today we'll be started on a beta blocker (but i don't remember which one). this will take 6 weeks to get us up to the full dose. it will also require weekly check-ups with cardiology to check heart rate and blood pressure.

one minor glitch in that, however, is that currently, we're being followed here, which would mean weekly trips here. so i'm going to be calling london cardio and seeing about switching docs there, and then i'll feel more comfortable dealing with them. because i really don't feel like driving all the way to toronto every week for HR and BP. i'd rather just drive to london. but given the choice between our current london cardio and dr russell, i'll take dr russell, thank-you very much.

ok, i should go. time is limited here at the moment, and i'm completely exhausted today. i'll post more when i know more. ttyl! :)

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