Sunday, February 15, 2009

because where better to celebrate Wonky Heart Day, really...

... than in emerg! lol

it's like he knew what day it was or something, honestly! yesterday afternoon, asher had about 6 blue spells. and by "blue" i mean literally, his eyes/nose/mouth was navy blue. six times this happened, each spell lasting at least 20 minutes. because that's just what we all want to see, isn't it? ugh.

but he wasn't distressed at all during the spells. no shortness of breath, no lethargy, no (extra) irritability. although a couple times he did get himself excited; once he laid down on the floor for a couple minutes to calm down, and another he turned bright red and started coughing (and those who know what that means are nauseous with me right about now).

but given the frequency of the spells, i decided to take him in to emerg to get checked out. but his sats were fine (mid-80s, and yes, he is hypoplastic left! sheesh!), HR was good, no distress, and of course, he was not blue when we got there. because it would be too convenient to have a blue spell when there's doctors around, right? lol

so, i scared the crap out of the poor medical student who has clearly never met a hypoplast before, and then we talked to the attending (who knows asher very well), who sent us home. she said that there's really nothing they can do about the blue spells, that they're just going to happen until his next surgery, and in the meantime, just keep an eye on him.

and isn't that a delightful thought. that asher will just have spells when he's navy blue until his next surgery.

well, i hope you all had a wonderful Wonky Heart Day. we actually did around here, other than the unscheduled trip to london. talk to you later! :)

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