Friday, February 6, 2009

Asher's cath. the long-awaited update.

asher did well, some bleeding at first but that seems to have slowed down now. but we're stuck here till 8pm b/c they used an artery, and you have to wait 6 hours post-cath for an artery. arg.

oh, so the problem is........ ready for this?..... sit down before you read it....... function. the problem is cardiac, not respiratory, like london says. hmm... funny how..... but i was wrong, too, turns out. arch, PAs and PVs were all "fine"; on the small side but nothing that required intervention right now. they did coil off some collaterals, though, but that needed to be done a year ago, so no big surprise there.

they'll be presenting asher for the fontan, and dr russell will likely let us know their decision at our next appt, which is next week. and since the issue is function, i'm guessing it won't be a long date. sigh. but hey, asher's "fine" and they're sending us home tonight, so i'm "happy."

i'll update the blog later, but i thought i'd let you know how everything went.

oh, and buffo gave me some great tips on dealing with london; i'm gonna ask for a new doc, at his suggestion. he even told me which one to ask for. oh, the things we talked about! lol

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