Friday, February 13, 2009

and now for something completely different....

so this morning i made smoothies for breakfast. asher wanted a little bit, so i poured some into a cup for him.
after the kids left for school, i went upstairs to get dressed. and asher followed me, cup in hand. i wouldn't let him on the bed with me, so he sat on the floor, babbling away about his "mnoonlie" (that's how he says "smoothie"). and then he took off. i could hear him going down the stairs, still talking about his mnoonlie. and i could hear him pattering about the downstairs still talking about his mnoonlie. he came back upstairs, still babbling about that mnoonlie. he ran into my room and said,
"towels.... clean up..... mnoonlie."
at that point, i looked at the floor, and there was a dollop of smoothie on my floor. asher had spilled some, and went all the way downstairs to the kitchen, brought the towels upstairs, and then cleaned up his mess all by himself. how proud am i?!


Diane said...

That is SO cute. He seems like such a great kid :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Asher!!

Love, Nana