Saturday, March 26, 2011

oops, my bad...

i realized this morning that i forgot a couple details last night.

first of all, asher's weight. last week, asher weighed 15.2 kg (approx 33 lbs). yesterday, he weighed in at 16.9 kg (approx 37 lbs). that's right, in about 10 days, asher gained about 10% of his body weight.

sounds like a growth spurt...

until you remember that his legs were puffy...

and by that i mean, dr b was poking dents in his shins. go ahead, try that on yourself. i'm willing to bet you can't do it.

that's because you don't have edema. puffiness. fluid retention.

caused by congestive heart failure.

i'm really tired of all this. i really am.

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