Friday, January 1, 2010

the plan for asher's surgeries

so i got a call from dr russell on wednesday, of course, when i couldn't talk. LOL anyway, we now have the plan for asher.

the plan is to do his surgery(ies) in late february to early march, which is wonderful. for one thing, it gives us a bit more time. i was expecting by "early new year" that would mean mid-january. this gives us quite a bit more breathing space. it also means that asher is stable enough to wait that long. quite a change from a year ago. :)

you'll recall that time a year ago, asher was suffering from CHF after his illness in november, and we were getting brushed off in london. thank-you, dr russell, for listening to me. she's such an awesome doc! :)

ok, i should go for now. two posts in one morning, and it's not easy to type with a sat probe on your finger! LOL ttyl :)

ps - i'll post specific dates when i get them.

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